A flowing class where breath is linked with movement and used to wake up the body and increase energy. Yellow light is used in conjunction with twists and opening postures to aid digestion and alleviate mood swings. Our morning classes finish with a burst of blue light to set you up for the rest of the day whereas our evening yellow classes end with gentle orange light to promote a good night's sleep.

This open class is suitable for all levels and options will be given to those who wish to challenge themselves. 

About Yellow Light

Yellow light has many similar properties to Red and Orange in that it's warm colour and promotes a healthy sleep cycle. It's deep, rich tone stimulates an emotional response by simulating the effect of sunset/sunrise and in this case, it is the strongest colour psychologically.  Yellow is rousing, cheerful and optimistic and boosts self-esteem and confidence. 

Yellow light has been shown to aid a variety of skin issues and is widely used within the beauty industry for it's ability in successfully treating wrinkles and reducing the appearance of redness.