thy.self X ChromaYoga

Wellness For All

thy.self have teamed up with ChromaYoga to offer a FREE Chromatic:RESET class, celebrating WELLNESS FOR ALL!

At thy.self, we are on a mission to provide the ultimate safe space for womxn to connect, learn and discover ways to actualise self-care and self-love.

We've noticed how the wellness industry lacks in diversity and understand that some women find these types of spaces uncomfortable, so with the help of ChromaYoga, we are making yoga accessible for ALL womxn including womxn of colour, all abilities, all disabilities, all sizes and identifying womxn in the LGBTQ communities.

Join us for a FREE 75 minute, monthly session of Chromatic:RESET on Sunday 29th September 2019.

This special event has been provided so as womxn we can learn, connect and discover together in a brand new, safe space.

*Please note, thy.self events are for womxn only*


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