A strong, powerful, dynamic class based on the energy giving properties of red light. 

Focusing on strength, flexibility and core, Red will give you the power you need to challenge yourself whilst benefiting from increased circulation, a faster metabolism and improved mood and sleep.

These classes are open level but it is advised that you have a basic knowledge of yoga (5+ classes) before attending.

About Red Light

Red light interacts with the body by penetrating the first 2mm of skin tissue, allowing it to be absorbed and increase energy generation on a cellular level.

This same mechanism is also responsible for many of the benefits of sunlight, which contains the red wavelengths as part of its spectrum. Sunlight however, comes bundled with harmful UV light, making red light extremely beneficial to our health. Some of these benefits are as follows:

  • Increases alertness

  • Promotes a healthy sleep cycle

  • Soothes inflamed muscular tissue

  • Reduces swelling and pain in joints

  • Increases metabolism and accelerates weight loss

  • Promotes youthful, healthy skin by balancing collagen production

  • Corrects hormonal imbalances in both men and women

The reason red light is so good or the skin, brain and muscles, is thought to be due to the effects on mitochondrial energy production. Mitochondria are small structures inside our cells which are the powerhouses of the human body. They take fat, sugar and protein from our food, combining it with oxygen to convert it into energy. 

Red light is absorbed by a protein in the mitochondria called Cytochrome C Oxidase and is intricately involved in the final stages of respiration - producing energy, carbon dioxide and water.

Properly functioning mitochondria are essential for all functions of life and it is thought that red light removes an inhibitory/stress molecule called nitric oxide, therefore restoring the normal function of processing oxygen and converting it into energy. From this perspective, red light has an unique anti-stress effect and indirectly normalises energy production which enables our body to perform all of it's normal functions optimally; from quicker cellular repair/healing to normalised collagen production.