A restorative class like no other. Our signature Pink class uses gentle stretching poses and breath work combined with expert techniques in the fields of acupressure, reiki, myofascial release and acupuncture. Essential oils and relaxing sound frequencies are included to balance and rejuvenate the body. 

Using the warm and soothing tones of Pink, these classes are designed to leave you feeling refreshed, relaxed and completely rebalanced in mind and body.

About Pink

Pink is a colour that effects us emotionally. Being a warm red tone, it is a colour associated with love, affection and nurturing. Specially selected essential oils and sound frequencies are used to invoke these feelings and guide us to a serene and relaxed state of mind. 

By combining these psychological aspects with the individual physical techniques each instructor can provide, the body and mind work together to achieve and deep sense of relaxation.  

With the use of props and the prolonged holding of a few simple poses, a Pink classes helps to achieve a deep level of relaxation, triggering the parasympathetic nervous system. It also helps lose subcutaneous fat and reduces cortisol levels, especially in the abdomen. This activation helps to mitigate the effects of the usual fight-or-flight stress response that can be damaging to your physiology and well-being. Slower movements cultivate space for a deeper experience of the poses and the breath.

A Pink class opens us up to new levels of self-exploration and contemplation by bringing awareness to the physical sensations, the thoughts or emotions that arise, or sounds in the environment creating a sanctuary for the mind and spirit, allowing you to take a deeper look at who you are.