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New to ChromaYoga, Jiriki is a movement therapy, which is a form of Japanese self-healing bodywork - a restorative, relaxing and healing practice, which helps to realign your body.

Created by Yu Yagami and lead by his daughter, Marie Yagami, Jiriki is the Japanese Buddhist term for self-power, the ability to achieve liberation or enlightenment.

This method combines various elements of shiatsu massage, chiropractic treatment, yoga and meditation.

Jiriki is a self-administered massage that uses energetic meridians and acupressure points, which are pathways of Qi (energy) and the life force. It’s aim is to cure and prevent most chronic disorders and pain by the practitioners’ own efforts and is a unique approach to release muscle tension and correct misalignment.

Jiriki supports Qi to circulate around the body: this helps to build natural healing ability, to increase resistance to disease, to flush out toxins, to increase flexibility, to open up the joints, and to release numbness and relax tension. In this way Jiriki is a holistic approach in its effect on the mind, body and well-being.