Corporate Wellness

Corporate Wellness


Taking care of your employee's physical and mental health is now a highly popular approach within the workplace. 

Tight deadlines, nightshifts, long hours and stationary desk work all contribute to a wealth of mental and physical problems which can have a huge effect on the productivity of your workforce.

Many people are unequipped with the knowledge of how to deal with stress related illnesses. In the UK alone, the average leave taken by employees due to stress, depression or anxiety is 24 days.

By implementing simple exercises for both emotional and physical wellbeing, this is a statistic which can be dramatically reduced and you can enjoy the benefits of having a happy, healthy workforce.  

Why ChromaYoga?

There are many organisations offering wellness solutions from office yoga and group exercise to nutritional advice and mindfulness exercises. How do you choose between them? 

ChromaYoga provides experiences which aren't offered by the main commercial providers of corporate wellness. Our immersive sensory techniques are a new and modern approach to combating common workplace ailments.

Our ideas are founded in art, technology and holistic techniques. It's these alternative viewpoints which allow us to introduce new ways of understanding and managing our overall wellbeing, making ChromaYoga the future innovators of corporate wellness.

What we offer

Team building days and retreats

In-office ChromaYoga and meditation classes

Scent making workshops

Group workshops targeting needs specific to your workforce


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