A dynamic flowing class where breath is linked with movement and used to wake up the body and increase energy. Blue light is the all mighty controller of our sleep cycles and can help with boosting productivity and alleviating mood swings. These classes are great if you find it hard to wake up in the mornings or suffer from afternoon energy dips.

This open class is suitable for all levels and options will be given to those who wish to challenge themselves. 

About Blue Light

One of the most common colours which affect our day to day routines is blue light. We have special receptors in our eyes which react directly to blue light, telling the brain that it's daytime and we need to be awake. When exposed at the correct time, blue light can help elevate your mood and boost awareness, but chronic exposure to blue light at night can lower the production of melatonin, the hormone that regulates sleep, and disrupt your circadian rhythm. 

The advances in technology over the past 40 years has culminated in a influx of over exposure to blue light through laptops, smartphones, tv’s and tablets. This prolonged exposure to blue light has been scientifically proven to suppress the production of melatonin and subsequently interferes with our natural circadian rhythms. A lack of melatonin can contribute to a wealth of emotional and physical problems; from insomnia, anxiety, S.A.D and even cancer.

But this doesn't mean that blue light is bad - on the contrary. We just need to control and regulate the times in which we are exposed to it. It is especially beneficial in the winter when the days are shorter and greyer and correct exposure to blue light can significantly help with the following:

  • Boosts productivity at work

  • Aids winter depression/Seasonal Affective Disorder

  • Resets our biological clock

  • Reduces tiredness/sluggishness during the day

Each Blue ChromaYoga class is held at the optimum time in the day if you suffer from any of the above issues. If you are exposed to a chronic amount of blue light (working night shifts for example), try a Red or Orange class in the evenings to get your body's melatonin production back on track.